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The Treasure of Scribe Bernard
Tadej Trnovšek
2018, Stična
1st reprint, 283 x 200 mm, 36 pages, 21 colored and black-and-white illustrations, language: slovene
Price: 15 eur

The story of the scribe master Bernard is based on real person. It tells us about the lively scribe workshop, which worked in about 1180, in the monastery Stična. You will learn how Bernard traveled from faraway France to Carniola. Stična's abbot Folknand invited him to build scriptorium, where the greatest european masters of writing and painting were gathered. Thanks to them, we can still today admire the beautiful romanesque manuscripts. The book is suitable for children older than 8 years. The story is variegated with beautiful color illustrations by the renowned illustrator Damijan Stepančič. So let monk Robert, to tell you the story of the scribe Bernard and his treasure.