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Sit hic museum!
Marko Okorn, Nataša Polajnar Frelih, Irena Potočnik, Darja Srebnik, Tadej Trnovšek
2016, Stična
297 x 210 mm, 128 pages, 131 photos, language: slovene and english
Price: 15 eur

The publication Sit Hic Museum! 10 Years of the Slovene Museum of Christianity and 33 Years of Museum Activity in Stična presents the history of the Slovene Museum of Christianity and its predecessors. The museum houses national treasures and performs a national public service in the field of movable sacral heritage and living heritage in the Republic of Slovenia. With its collections and exhibitions it contributes to the conservation of movable sacral heritage and keeps developing awareness for this heritage by establishing its value and popularising it amongst the general public. The museum in Stična has enriched the Slovene and international museum offer. Through specific exhibitions, prepared in accordance with its mission, it positively influences the awareness of the inhabitants, educates the youth and builds national awareness.


From the contents:


The book includes the following chapters: The Development of Museum Activities in Stična (From the first exhibition to the establishment of the Society of the Friends of the Slovene Museum of Religion (1983–1991), The Society of Friends of the Slovene Museum of Religion (1991–2007), Slovene Museum of Religion (2001–2006), Slovene Museum of Christianity (2006–), museum directors, list of employees), The Collection of the Slovene Museum of Christianity, Conservation and Restoration Activities, Pedagogic Activities, List of Exhibitions, Awards and Prizes, European Project and Other International Presentations, How is the Museum Accepted by the Visitors?, Museum and Media, Museum Publications, Bibliography of the Employees, Summary of The Slovene Museum of Christianity.


The publication of the book was made possible by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The book can be purchased in The Slovene Museum of Christianity in Stična and in all large bookshops in Slovenia.

If you wish to order it by post please write to The Slovene Museum of Christianityat: info@mks-sticna.si or call us on: +386 (0)1 78 77 863.