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Leon Koporc: Ars sacra/drawings
Vida Koporc Sedej, Nataša Polajnar Frelih, Milena Zlatar
2013, Stična
297 x 210 mm, 24 pages, language: slovene and english
Price: 5 EUR
The publication presents part of the sacred oeuvre of painter Leon Koporc (1926-2003). His numerous sketches, drawings, drafts and studies for the subsequent works of art with which he equipped fifteen Slovenian churches and two abroad are here presented for the first time. Taking orders for internal visual equipment sacral objects the artist first met the challenging task of how to install altar paintings and the passion to get you in the historical buildings or in the diverse architectural spaces of modern churches. This has led Leon Koporc to in-depth study and contemplation - finding the best solution in the context of spiritual expression and spatial possibilities.
1.   Nataša Polajnar Frelih: Introdution
2.   Milena Zlatar: Meditations: Drawings in Leon Koporc's Ars sacra series
3.   Vida Koporc Sedej: Leon Koporc
4.   Vida Koporc Sedej: The Opus of Sacral Works
5.  Vida Koporc Sedej: List of Exhibited Works