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History of Christianity in Slovenia
Nataša Polajnar Frelih
2003, Slovene Museum of Religion
297 x 210 mm, 209 pages, language: slovene and english
Price: 29 EUR
This guide to the permanent exhibition History of Christianity in Slovenia is intended both for visitors to the exhibition and those who want to learn about Slovenes’ rich spiritual and cultural history from a single book. The exhibition and the publication of the guide are an important contribution to awareness of our origins. It particularly focuses on Christianity, which has been present in Slovenia for about 1,700 years.
The guide and exhibition are in chronological order. In order to make the vast, rich history of Christianity in Slovenia as accessible as possible, we divided the guide into individual chapters that lead the reader from one century to the next, just as a visitor moves from one room of the gallery to another, learning about the events of individual time periods from texts and exhibits. The guide features all the texts from the exhibition panels, as well as photographs and short descriptions of the most important exhibits. An extensive summary in English is provided for our ever-growing number of international visitors.
Nataša Polajnar Frelih
1. Introduction
2. Third to Tenth Century - Christianity in the Late Classical Period and Early Middle Ages
3. Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century - Permanent Ecclesiastic Organisation of the Middle Ages
4. Fifteenth Century - The Rise of the Towns, Turkish Raids
5. Sixteenth Century - Reformation and Protestantism
6. Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century - Counter-Reformation and Restoration of the Church
7. Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century - The Flourishing of Baroque Art, the Reforms of Sovereigns Maria Teresa and Joseph II
8. Nineteenth Century - the 1848 Revolution and the National Awakening of Slovenes
9. Twentieth Century - the First and Second World Wars, Social Changes, Independent Slovenia
10. Popular Devotions