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Baba Wa Bambuti
Marko Frelih, Renny Rovšnik, Anja Koren
2017, Stična
297 x 210 mm, 83 pages, 76 photos, language: slovene and english
Price: 14 eur

The publication about Austrian missionary and anthropologist dr. Paula Schebesto (1887-1967), who came to Slovenia in October 1933 and gave a lecture on his anthropological research in Congo forests to the general public. Schebest's collection of ethnological objects of Pygmies are published for the first time. They are stored in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana. The collection, which has 96 inventory units, belongs to the various ethnic groups of the Bambuti people and their neighbors on the vast territory of the primeval forest along the Ituri River in Congo.

All the text in the book is translated into English.