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Miracoulous Holy Infant of Prague
Prague (?), 18th century
wax, wood, fabric, metal, hair
reg. no. ŠLU 1041

The wax figure of Holy Infant of Prague from Škofja Loka holds a royal apple in the left hand. The wig is from natural hair. The figure stands in a golden cupboard with glass doors. The cabinet was probably made in 1842, when the monks moved the figure of the Holy Infant from the main altar to the altar of St. Valentina (F. ŠTUKL 1995, 25). Of all the preserved specimens from the Uršulinski diocese of Škofja Loka, this figure is most similar to the original Holy Infant of Prague. It is entirely made from a similar yellowish wax, and joint movements can also be found in the shape of the body, head and face. He originally had a gold-plated "Habsburg" crown (Order No. 5), which the nuns later replaced with the present. The shallow cavity of the left foot in front with the remains of an unsaved red wax seal shows that the authenticity of this statue was confirmed by seal.