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Master Scribe Bernard in the Stična Abbey Scriptorium
Age group: suitable for primary school students from the fourth to the ninth year, for secondary school students and with some adaptation for adult participants 
Entrance fee: 2 EUR
Duration: ca. 90 min
Visit arrangement: (01) 7877 863 ali info@mks-sticna.si
Calligraphy workshop about the culture of writing from the eleventh to thirteenth century.
The participants learn about the Caroline/Gothic script that was used during the heyday of monastic scribes in the late twelfth century. Around 1180, twelve scribes worked at the Stična Abbey scriptorium and in a few years they created a total of over sixty manuscripts. Thirty-eight of these have survived until today.
After the theoretical part of the workshop, the participants are given calligraphy writing utensils and inks and under the guidance of a teacher, they try to write as much text as possible in the Caroline/Gothic script.